This past week we had a visitor at Metàfora, Miguel Inumerable, who studied here in 2013. It is always nice to meet up with ex-students and hear about their “post-Metàfora experience”. Miguel is doing well and works actively as a visual artist. He is currently in Madrid on a Artist Residence in the prestigious “Matadero”.

When did you study at Metàfora and what was your background before coming to Barcelona?
I went to Metafora in 2013. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. At the time I went to Metafora I had just finished a job as a creative programmer/team leader in an outsourcing company in Manila.
How was your experience here?
It was a great learning experience. I really came to Barcelona to focus on my own creative process and do a few drawings. But I ended up doing and learning so much more from the people around me, both the students and the tutors.
What kind of work did you do here and how did it change throughout your stay?
I initially did figurative/illustrative drawings, which I wasn’t particularly happy with at that time. It was a bit like forcing to fit into this mold of being an illustrator but essentially I was really more interested in the process of drawing. In Metafora I got to go down to what I found interesting in the work that I do and focuse on that. I also got to experiment and try out different mediums of drawing, which I still use up to this day. One particular medium that I explored was using computer programming as a means of drawing and of illustrating process and in that process finding a middle ground between art and technology.
How did your stay at Metàfora condition/change your art practice?
One of the best things that I got out of being in Metafora was being able to think and talk about the work that I do and what goes on in my mind as I create work. It has had a profound impact in how I work. The process of constantly evaluating and reevaluating my work and being able to make concepts concrete that make sense to me.
Where did you go after Metàfora?
I went to 3 month residency in Beijing, China a few months after finishing Metafora. After that stint I settled back in Manila where I continued to work, and also at the same time be part of the art community in the city. I am currently a member of an art collaboratory in Manila called 98B, where we mostly with a community in old Manila and program events and projects.
Have you managed to keep working within your artistic practice ever since?
I went back to having a job to sustain my art practice but also still working on my personal projects at the same time. I have also gotten involved with the art community in my city, which has helped a lot since I think a big part of continuing to work on your art practice is to surround yourself with a community of people that understand what you do or at least interested in the kind of work that you do.
Where are you now and what are you working on?
Right now I am wrapping up a residency in Matadero Madrid. I am doing a project that involves how contemporary society splits its time between a physical world and this constantly evolving digital world. It isn’t fully realized yet and I think I will continue working on this project even after I leave the residency. I go back to Manila in December where I’ll go back to working with the art collective.
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