Motion Grid, an off-campus exhibition at Mutuo, Centro de Arte (November 2017)

Introduction by curator and in-house-tutor Piotr Perski:

“Every cell in the world is in perpetual motion, related to its basic needs and its structural character. Throughout the earth, the elements of the cosmic nature are mobilized with movements and fluctuations that sometimes do not depend on themselves.

Humans also move every day in order to master and survive within the complicated structure of the contemporary world. Using possibilities of movement, but also utilizing forms of sophisticated transport systems that are not only physical,
but also non-presence or virtual.

The idea of the exhibition is to try to investigate this movement, of the natural elements within the cosmic of humans within the space of different environments in order to create visually interesting, aesthetic and conceptual works using the grid or a  simple pattern of a movement as the final result of research and investigation.

Taking into account the scientific use of patterns, maps and schematic drawings intended to show movement.”