are you looking for a job?

Metàfora’s marketing department needs to incorporate Cultural Ambassadors interested in collaborating with Metàfora (minimum of 6 months). We are looking for enthusiastic and committed people, knowing Metàfora, who are willing to publish an instastory every 7 days on their Instagram account.

All posts will be reviewed by our marketing department before being published. Our Ambassadors have to keep in tune with our corporate image and make a direct call to action. All photos are available in our Google Photos account.

What do we offer to our cultural ambassadors?

This work will be rewarded with commissions:

15% for every student who enrolls a Short Term Stay
15% for every student who enrolls a Long Term Stay
Use your contacts and personal strategies to earn more commission: mail your friends, call to centers, etc. Let’s start!

What advantage have your contacts enrolling through you?

They can get up to 15% of discount.

15% of discount for students who sign up for one semester or more and 50€ of discount for students who sign up for a short term stay. It’s necessary that during the enrollment process they notify us that they come from you to get their discount.


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