“I Want Art to Be…” , an off-campus exhibition at Mutuo, Centro de Arte (April 2018)

Setting up an exhibition and celebrating the opening is one of the most exciting activities on Metàfora’s Studio Arts Program. The process of producing the art work and showing it in public can be both a frustrating, tiresome, hyper-exciting and satisfying experience. Or all at the same time.

The exhibition “I Want Art To Be…” (Mutuo Gallery, Barcelona) is not only a collective show of artwork. In-house-tutor Oriol Texidor who curated the show set out the exhibition call as an assignment to ponder over the function of art in contemporary society. By posing the question “what do you want art to be?” he has managed to make the entire group reflect and debate, and the result is as many-fold as one could possibly imagine.
The participating students have answered the question through multidisciplinary visual expressions, each from their particular perspective, and each from their own particular place in the world.