Online courses, credits and fees

Credits and Transcript

Even if Metàfora is an independent institution, its Studios Arts Programs calculates class hours according to ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System), where 1 ECTS credit equals 25 hours of the sum of lective hours + homework.
As in all universities and schools for further education in Europe, a full time academic year counts 60 ECTS. This includes all education activities, individual studio practice, etc.

Upon completing a stay on Metàfora’s Studios Arts Programs, the student receives a detailed transcript and a personalized Studies Report. These documents are issued only to students whose attendance to the course complies with formal attendance-indications (see below).  

Classes, for which the student has been absent for more than 20% will not appear in the transcript.


Participants can choose to register for the online classes individually or in packages of 2 to 3 classes (activities up to 4 days a week).
We strongly recommend that all students registered on the practical classes also take the Recent Art History (Mondays, 19’00 to 20’30).

Future students who have paid the registration fee for their course are invited to join one Practical Course + Recent Art History with 75% discount.

Alumni are invited to join with an additional 10% discount.

  • Full Option

    All classes (3 classes per week + tutorials)

  • Total fees 
  • 2 courses

    Two practical classes (2 classes per week + tutorials)

  • Total fees 
  • 1 course

    One practical class (1 class per week + tutorials)

  • Total fees 
  • Recent Art History

    Three lectures

  • Total fees