Info STUDIO BLOCK 4 (February 21 – April 1)


This is one of the highlights we look forward to all year:

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Participation for all the activities is optional

*The trip is included in the price for all art students staying on the Metàfora Studio Arts program for a semester or longer.

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    Studio Block contents

    TP1 Foundation Program Students

    Recent Art History classes will be around the theme of  Who is the “I”? , Identity through 20th century.

    TP2-3 Advanced students

    Classes specially formulated for advanced level students (TP2-3) during Block 4 are: Contemporary painting, even for those who do not paint, À-Lab sessions, Link Seminar and Critical Theory: Zany, Cute, Interesting

    All students can choose from this selection of workshops:

    Painting Miniatures – from reality to abstraction

    In this class Piotr introduces watercolors and explores the format of miniature painting.

    Metal work

    This class teaches students the exciting melting and joining process of the ARC welding. Be familiar with electrode rods, the power station and its three wires, and with grinding and polishing machines. Students practice of the starting spark, running a weld bead, cleaning and polishing the joint. Naturally, the class includes security systems and personal health protection while welding by making a small metal sculpture.

    Video making

    This module on Metàfora’s Studio Arts programs contains 4 weeks of introduction to video editing. The classes will teach you to import and organize your footage, to trim clips and add them to a timeline, the use of multiple tracks, the use of video effects and transitions, and everything you need to get you started! We recommend you bring your own laptop. We will work with Premiere Pro, After Effects and other similar programs.

    Life Drawing classes

    Over the academic year this class is a weekly ongoing event, and Piotr makes the most of this different dynamics to help students to develop their own expression and language in drawing.

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