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Independent Art School

Studio Arts in Barcelona

Metàfora’s Studio Arts Programs offer short or long term stays (intimate group size) in an old factory complex located in Sants. It is close to the centre but also one of Barcelona’s authentic, non-touristic areas. Students can apply from starter’s level to advanced art practice.

Our tutors and academic staff belong to a group of internationally acclaimed artists and curators, and there is a friendly, inspiring and intimate community, where all our students can feel at home and comfortable.

The school is housed in an old factory complex, connected by beautiful outdoor patios,  where all students have their own studio spaces. The course offers total immersion in art and culture in Barcelona though studio-visits and taking part in gallery exhibitions.

Classes are in English with 25+ nationalities in the student group.

“JOA”, a video by Melle Skärfstad

Screening and debate.
This event is offered within the framework of LOOP Cityscreen festival.

“I don’t want to hide, that’s the last thing I will ever do. I want to almost shove in people’s faces who I am and what I am, and I am not ashamed.” -Joa

A continuous experimental investigation of gender and self-expression. This exploration started through conversations what it means to identify as a woman or non-binary in today’s society. It has merged to be a project portraying powerful beings in their rawest form and given the freedom to express themselves through movement and color. Exploring what it means to have a body, breaking social norms and embracing originality. As well as talking about the constant fetishizing with anything that is different according to social standards. “JOA” is the first video in the series.

Artists and art students
from different countries
give Metàfora its distinctive
international atmosphere.