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Metàfora is an independent, multidisciplinary art school in Barcelona. Our flexible 3 year Studio Arts Program is designed in Blocks starting several times a year. Prospective students can join the course for a few weeks up to 3 years.

Metàfora is a distinctly international school where all art classes and workshops are taught in English. Every full-time student gets an individual studio space in a historical complex in central Barcelona. Our teachers are all recognized practicing artists who actively exhibit both in Barcelona and internationally. Have a look at the artists we work with.

Metàfora’s Studio Arts Program is very hands-on the materials, and contains a wide range of classes with different tools and techniques. These include clay sculpting, welding, screen printing, installation, performance, as well as weekly life drawing sessions, among many others.  Check out the classes scheduled for 2023-24.

The students at Metàfora are encouraged to get out and about the art world of Barcelona This means that they constantly meet gallerists, curators and other cultural managers. Our art students also have the possibility to show work in several art gallery exhibitions around the city each semester. Read more about our connections with the art world here.

Although Metàfora works with various prestigious institutions, it is not university accredited.

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    The Metàfora Studio Arts Program is made up of
    Block-specific and
    recurring weekly activities

    …such as tutorials, optional workshops and classes
    specifically made for students on Year 1, or Years 2-3 of the program

    Foundation to Advanced levels

    The first year contains Metàfora’s Foundation Program and is designed for students who approach art for the first time (high school art credits or similar). Here, the focus is on experimentation and play, testing the creative potential of each student.

    Students who are interested in a career as practicing artists can embark on the intermediate and advanced level of Metàfora’s Training Program. Students are supported in their professional art production and introduced to curators and gallerists. The focus is on individual production, exhibition activity and critical thinking.

    Classes and studio work

    The program contains a wide range of classes with different tools and techniques including clay sculpting, welding, screen printing, installation, performance, as well as a weekly session of Life Drawing. All classes are taught in English.

    All tools and techniques workshops are optional, and when not in class, students work independently in their studio spaces.

    Most people coming here even just for a short term stay end up staying for years or come back for further studies.

    María Pascual Berlingo. Argentina

    Flexible Studio Arts Program

    Long term:
    1 to 3 Academic Years

    The Metàfora Studio Arts complete course is an Academic Year, so if you can take the time we strongly recommend this option, as it’s where students experience the most personal growth in an artistic sense, but also on a more personal level, where you can better connect and make real friendships with other students, and truly feel the Barcelona experience.

    Short term:
    Studio Blocks (6 weeks)

    Organize your stay in Blocks. Metàfora is a flexible, modular course that can be organized in Blocks. Students sometimes decide to stay for 1 Block, and towards the end of their stay, decide if they would like to continue. Students who decide to stay on the course, can keep their studio space and continue, or change, their tutor.

    Metàfora will always be like a second home away from home that pushes you in the right direction

    Melle Skärfstad, Sweden

    A walk around Metàfora