How to apply to Metàfora’s Studio arts programs

You can fill in the form below or click on this link to open the form in a new window.

Please have a good look at the present instructions on how to apply and have all your material ready before you start filling in this form.
If you are applying to Level 1 of Metàfora’s Studios Arts Programs you do not need to submit a portfolio. All you need to fill in are sections 1-6 and submit the form.

The sections of the application form

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us any time.

In this section all you need to do is state a valid email address to get started on the application.

Here you need to fill out your personal details. 

Note: We ask you for a skype account or if you do not have one, an account on Messenger or Whatsapp. If you do not have any of these, please indicate this in the form.

In this section you indicate when you would like to join the course. You can choose more than one option.

We also ask you to indicate whether you want a studio space on campus or not.
The studio space on campus is a big part of the social experience of the course. 

Full Option: Tuition and studio space
Only Tuition: No personal studio space (carries a small reduction of the fees)

The option of “No personal studio space” is recommended only for advanced level students who already have a studio elsewhere in the city.
Once the course has started, it is not possible to change from the Full Option to Only Tuition. 

In this section we ask about your previous educational and professional experience. 

Applicants who are applying for direct entrance to level 2 or 3 will be required to submit further details at a later stage in the application form. 

This section also asks you to tell us what languages you speak. Remember that English is the teaching language and that a fluent understanding is necessary to be admitted to the course.

Note: It is a good idea to have your CV and motivation letter prepared before starting the form. Remember that we ask for brief texts of max 10 lines each.

Please tell us how you found us.
It is very helpful for us to know about your experience prior to the initial contact with our admissions team.

Here is a little information about the levels of Metàfora’s Studio Arts Programs and the admission requirements. 

Who are we looking for?

Students are admitted to the first level of the Training Program (Foundation Program in Studio Arts), if they do not have previous studies in art. The typical applicant is looking to consolidate an interest in art, and it is the first time he/she is considering full time art studies. It can also be someone who is looking to explore his/her creative potential, e.g. on a gap year or on a break from studies/professional life. 

The ideal applicant to the second level of the Metàfora’s Training Program (Certificate in Studio Arts) is an aspiring artist. Metàfora admits students to level 2, if they have previous experience in art and certain knowledge of Recent Art History (1970’s to now). Normally, admission to this level requires a completed Foundation Course (at Metàfora or elsewhere) or similar. 

Year 3 of Metàfora’s Training Program (Diploma in Studio Arts) is an advanced level, where students start out with a base of previous experience in art investigation. We are looking for students who are willing to work hard and produce committed bodies of work. Our ideal student should also be interested in (eventually) showing work and participate with enthusiasm in Barcelona’s cultural life.

It is expected that the student will have experimented sufficiently with different tools and techniques in order to choose a work field to investigate independently in the studio. For this level an extensive knowledge of Recent Art History is a must.


If you are applying for the Foundation program, at this point we have all the information we need. We understand that you may not have a portfolio or any knowledge of recent Western Art history. You can skip the following sections and submit the form.

If you are applying for direct admission to level 2 or 3 on Metàfora’s Training Program, please continue to the following sections of the application form. 

In this section we ask applicants who are seeking admission to level 2 and 3 to provide detailed information about their previous training in art.

This is also where we ask for an online portfolio or website.

The portfolio should be representative of recent work and contain at least 10-20 images.

In this section we ask for a few hints around your knowledge of  Recent Western Art History (1970’s to current day).

We do not expect students on starter’s level to have much experience with Recent Western Art History. However, for direct admission to level 2 or 3 on Metàfora’s Training Program it is important that students have certain knowledge of Recent Western Art History.  

During the classes of the second level, we expect that students can discuss the fundamental concepts of art movements and ideas of the 20th and 21st centuries. This is also essential for the level of art investigation which is expected by a student on the Training Program. 

Some students may be admitted to level 2 on Metàfora’s Training Program with the condition that they complete the classes of Recent History 1, while studying on level 2.

For applicants who are seeking direct admission to level 2 or 3 we also ask details about the way in which certain artists have been influential to their work.

Once you have submitted your application

The application process is fast at Metàfora. In most cases it will be max 3-5 days from when we receive your application to actual admission.

When your application has passed the admissions panel you will be prompted for an interview with the course director and/or academic coordinator. Usually, this interview will take 10 to 15 minutes and be conducted via Skype or similar. The time zone difference is taken into account, but we ask you to be flexible when arranging a time for the interview.

The interview is to inform us about your level and previous experience, but also to ensure that you will get maximum benefit out of your stay at Metàfora.