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On this page you will find the application forms for Metàfora’s Studio Arts programs. If you are in doubt about which level to apply to, feel free to ask for some feedback on your profile.

Naturally, you are welcome to contact us, should you have any questions or doubts.

Application forms

Use the form called “Studio Arts Program” if you are considering studying during the academic year, on a shorter or longer stay. This is also the form to use, if you want to study for the entire Training Program.

If you are interested in Art Therapy as an add-on module to our studio Arts Program, you can either indicate so in the above form (please tick the box “I am also interested in applying to …”), or fill in the form called “Art & Process”.

Please make use of the form called “Summer Semester 2020”, if you are interested in applying for Metàfora’s Summer Semester (1 to 4 weeks)

  • Art & Process

    Art Therapy Foundation program (add-on module)

    What to send with the application?
    Scanned copy of Passport
    Passport-type photo (jpeg)
    If possible: Portfolio of 10-15 artworks (.jpeg, .ppt, .pdf or http address).

  • Summer Semester 2020

    Starters level to Intermediate / advanced level 
    The Summer Semester is characterized by its intimate group size.  Students work together across levels, but are divided into different tutorial groups according to previous experience and background.

Admissions: Who are we looking for?

Students are admitted to the first level of the Training Program (Foundation Program in Studio Arts), if they do not have previous studies in art. The typical applicant is looking to consolidate an interest in art, and it is the first time he/she is considering full time art studies. It can also be someone who is looking to explore his/her creative potential, e.g. on a gap year or on a break from studies/professional life.

The ideal applicant to the second level of the Metàfora’s Training Program (Certificate in Studio Arts) is an independent aspiring artist. Metàfora admits students to level 2, if they have previous experience in art and some knowledge of Recent Art History. Normally, admission to this level requires a completed Foundation Course (at Metàfora or elsewhere) or similar.

Year 3 of Metàfora’s Training Program (Diploma in Studio Arts) is an advanced level, where students start out with previous experience in art investigation. We are looking for students who are willing to work hard and produce committed bodies of work. Our ideal student should also be interested in (eventually) showing work and participate with enthusiasm in Barcelona’s cultural life.

It is expected that the student will have experimented sufficiently with different tools and techniques in order to choose a work field to investigate independently in the studio. For this level an extensive knowledge of Recent Art History is a must.

What to send with the application?

If you are applying for direct entrance to Metàfora’s Foundation Program:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Passport-type photo (jpeg)
  • If possible: Portfolio of 10-15 artworks (.jpeg, .ppt, .pdf or http address)
  • Motivation letter of 250-350 words (optional)

If you are applying for direct entrance to levels 2 or 3
(Intermediate to advanced level: Certificate/Diploma in Studio Arts)

  • Transcripts and other academic records
  • Copy of passport
  • Passport photo (jpeg)
  • Updated CV
  • Portfolio of 15-20 artworks, preferred web/blog (InstaGram, FaceBook, etc also accepted)
  • Motivation letter of 250-350 words