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On this page you will find the application forms for Metàfora’s Studio Arts programs. If you are in doubt about which level to apply to, feel free to ask for some feedback on your profile.

Naturally, you are welcome to contact us , should you have any questions or doubts.

Application forms

  • Foundation Program

    Starter’s level – What to send with the application?

    Curriculum Vitae / Scanned copy of Passport, passport photo (jpeg) / If possible: Portfolio of 10-15 artworks (.jpeg, .ppt, .pdf or http address) / Personal statement of 250 words (1 page)

  • Training program

    Intermediate to advanced level – Certificate / Diploma / Advanced Diploma in Studio Arts

    What to send with the application?
    Transcripts and other academic records / Updated CV, copy of passport, passport photo (jpeg) / Url with 15-20 artworks, preferred: URL (pdf file, Instagram, Facebook etc accepted only if you do not have a website or blog)/ Motivation letter of 250-350 words