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Metàfora’s student population is rich and diverse in age, previous fields of experience and level. Our students come from all over the world, and we are interested in candidates who contribute to the community through active participation in all our activities.

Once you fill in the form on this page you will be taken to the application page where you will find detailed instructions and the application form.

Please prepare your application material on beforehand. You will need a brief CV, a short motivation letter etc. It is a good idea to have them saved somewhere and simply copy-paste into the actual form.

    Foundation Program (Year 1)Certificate (Intermediate level, Year 2)Diploma (Advanced level, Year 3)

    Block 1 (September - October 2022)Block 2 (October - November 2022)Block 3 (January - February 2023)Block 4 (March - April 2023)Block 5 (April - June 2023)Summer Block (July 2023)Next year (2023/24)Undecided