Artist talks, a cornerstone at any art school

One of the most exciting classes or activities in any art school is to receive visits from professional, practicing artists who talk about their art work. This month at Metàfora’s Studio Arts Programs we are getting to know more about the art work and experience of three rather different Barcelona based artists: Bernat Daviu, Pep Vidal and Mercedes Magrané.

Different art disciplines

By bringing them into our art community, we cover different disciplines as different as installation, painting, art & science, video, performance, etc.

Our students saw them first

It was our own art students who requested to meet all of the artists selected as visiting artists at Metàfora this month. And we are super happy to make their wish come true! Bringing them to Metàfora gives a good idea of just how integrated our art school is with Barcelona’s art scene: The work of these three artists was discovered by our students at galleries, museums or art fairs around our art-loving city. By presenting our students to practicing, professional artists – or visiting them in their studios – we help them understand their practice and discourse, but also the different steps they have taken in their art careers to get where they are now.

Bernat Daviu is a cocktail lover, a former in-house tutor at Metàfora and a painter. Bernat is also someone who integrates other disciplines in his practice such as installation, performance, happenings etc. Bernat likes to collaborate with other artists, both in his own artistic practice, but also in his gallery projects: the award winning Bombón Projects and his former experimental project space Passatge Studio.

Pep Vidal is essentially a scientist with an artist’s soul. When he does not teach physics at one of Barcelona’s most prestigious universities, he develops his personal art practice with international resonance of drawing, sculpture, gardening and measuring objects that are difficult to measure. In Barcelona Pep is represented by ADN Gallery.

According to El Patio Herreriano, Mercedes Mangrané is one of the most relevant painters working today in Spain. At Metàfora we agree with them and are happy to finally have an excuse to invite her to talk to our students. In Barcelona, she is represented by Ana Más Projects but we often see her work on display around Europe