An exhibition with Raechel Teitelbaum and Sakshi Gera

Third year students Raechel and Sakshi exhibited the show Full Bloom at Homesession, opening last Wednesday. The exhibition was about intimacy, sexuality, gender and nature; common interests in the work of both the artists.

When you entered the exhibition you faced a huge drawing to your left, taking up the whole wall space. Sakshi’s pleasing work, depicting bodies, entangled in beautiful ways of circles and intimacy. To your right there was these strange grass looking objects, soon to be realized belonged to Raechel’s video that was playing in the end of the gallery space. A video about polyamory and different kinds of intimacy, love and gender. Beautifully interesting video with intimate bodies touching each other dressed in colorful costumes made by Raechel, a voice reading a poem about different kinds of intimacy and love.

We are so proud of both Raechel and Sakshi and their captivating exhibition Full Bloom.