Marc Larré

We are proud to have Marc Larré as an in-house tutor at Metaforà Studio Arts Program. Marc is a Barcelona living artist working with video, photography, sculpture and objects. He explains his art practice as an understanding of photography and sculpture that mixes them together to try to reflect about contemporary status on individual society.

As an in-house tutor at Metaforà he meets with his group of students every week to help them develop personal projects, propose possibilities, challenge them and take them out of their comfort zone. Marc does this from a super supportive and positive standpoint.  He also teaches occasional workshops at the school, this week he taught video and narrative for the students at the studio arts program.

Marc studied Fine Arts at Universitat de Barcelona. In 2005 he got an Erasmus scholarship at UB to study  cinema and video under Walid Raad’s supervisión in The Cooper Union, New York where he then lived for 10 more years.

He’s exhibited individually at Fundació Suñol (Barcelona), Fundación BBVA (Madrid), RO Projects (Madrid), Santa Creu Hospital’s Chapel (Barcelona) or Estrany – de la Mota Gallery next to Gerard Ortín and in Galeria Rafael Ortiz (Sevilla). He has participated in group exhibitions at MAAT (Lisboa); MACBA (Barcelona), NCCA (Moscow), Fabra i Coats (Barcelona) and Aarhus Art Building (Denmark) among others.

He recently had the exhibition 1 + 1 = 3 at etHall for Barcelona Gallery weekend.

Showing a collection of sculptures made from collisions and experiences that investigate the fold between the exchange value and the use value, the symbolic space and the real one, photography and mud.

“When joining 1 + 1 you do not get a 2 as the sum of the two previous units, what you get is a third thing that comes from the friction between the two.”