Metàfora student as film assistant for

Florence Girardeu

Deltas – a film project by visual artist Florence Girardeau. Metàfora often get exciting working opportunities outside of school to share with the students on studio arts program.

In December last year the artist Florence Girardeau was looking for an experienced assistant to work with her in the production of her new film Deltas. She was looking for someone to come along with her and her team to Delta de l’Ebre for four days of filming.

Avril Malamateniou, student at the first-year training program at Metàfora applied and got the job. She went with Florence and her filming team to Delta de l’Ebre and assisted them for four long days of filming. She’s expressed that the experience was very beneficial and useful for her own artistic practice and work experience.

Avril went as a camera assistant, her job was ranging from helping with the camera and camera lenses, the shots, the ideas, with coordination, to taking notes of every shot and take. She was in charge of taking care of the schedule and everything else that needed assistance with and stayed with the team for three nights in the beautiful nature of Delta de lÉbre.

Florence Giradeau is a French artist currently in artist residency at RocaUmbert Factory of arts in Granollers, Catalunya.