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`There is a landscape inside you`

24th of February, 19 to 20 (CET)

The conclusion of Metàfora’s Diploma in Studio Arts is marked by a thesis presentation for a qualified audience, composed by tutors and general audience from the art scene. As a result, it is a great opportunity for the student who has been working towards professionalisation all throughout his/her training. The idea is to share what has been built with the support of the team who provided guidance along the last phase of the Diploma Program.

On the 24th of February 2021 Ginevra Bertazzoli will present her final thesis, named “There is a Landscape Inside You”.  Ginevra’s proposal is to  externalize the interior landscape with the support of art, history and philosophy, which are pillars to regain space by escaping society’s hyperactivity vortex.

The event is scheduled for the 24th of February and will be streamlined online for anyone interested in Art related topics.

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A crasis between artistic and psychological research on the conception of space and the use of art in it and the understanding and subsequent definition of an interior landscape.