Here, you can get an overview of the classes offered from the 18th of May to the 12th of June 2020. Soon to come is the program for the following months.

Participants can choose to register for the online classes individually or in packages of 2 to 4 classes (activities up to 5 days a week).
We strongly recommend that all students registered on the practical classes also take the Recent Art History (Mondays, 19’00 to 20’30).

All teaching schedules are in Central European Time. Check the time difference here.

Click on the classes each weekday to navigate.

  • Monday
  • 18’30-19’00
    (first week only)
    Recent Art History

  • 18th of May to 8th of June 2020
  • Friday
  • .

    Tutorials and Consultation
    Optional meeting space for students

  • 22nd, 29th of May, 5th of June 2020