Information session about Metàfora’s Studio Arts Programs

29th of June 2021, 19’00 to 20’00 CET

Are you dreaming about art school in Barcelona? Are you interested in our courses but have questions? Unsure about when to join? Want to check out who we are before deciding?

On the 29th of June 2021 you have the possibility to join us for an online information session. We will be talking about the classes and contents, the tutorials, the space, the exhibitions etc.


The session will be presented by Jette Bjerg, co-founder of Metàfora and Program Director. Jette will go over the key contents of the course and talk a bit about the way we teach art at Metàfora.


Michael Lawton, Barcelona-based visual artist will also be joining the session. Michael is in-house-tutor and teacher for both 1st and 2nd-3rd levels as well as two of our current students. Michael will talk a bit about the student-tutor experience and the different classes we teach at Metàfora.


In addition, two current students will be attending the session. They will speak briefly about their background and the reason why they chose to come to Metàfora.


At the end of the session all participants will have a chance to ask questions to any of the presenters.

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