Final presentations of Advanced Level Students from Metàfora’s Studio Arts Program

Free Metàfora event at MACBA, Convent dels Àngels
4th of June 2021, 17’00 to 18’30 (in-person event)

Metàfora’s Diploma in Studio Arts finalizes with a public thesis presentation for a qualified audience. We are thrilled to finally – one year later – present the work of Metàfora’s most recent graduates: Myriam Ben Farhat (Tunisia), Karen Torres (Mexico) and Elle Tártaro (US) .
This presentation follows the recent online presentation of the thesina of Ginevra Bertazzoli (Italy).

Due to COVID safety measures and limited capacity, free registration required.

After the presentation Metàfora proceeds to inaugurate the final exhibition of the work by these four talented artists at the space “Espai 2” by Àngels Barcelona (right in front of Macba).

Myriam Ben Farhat

Tunisian Artist in Barcelona

Her art touches on subjects relating to gender, feminism and the social codes established by patriarchal society. Her practice is a reflection on the role of education in shaping the Woman into a fairy tale “Cinderella”, and how society influences and dictates her role and identity. Due to her training as a lawyer, her art stands out as a social defender of women’s rights.
Through her sculptures and installations, she plays with the non-duality and the uniqueness of each object by mixing the elements of what is supposed to be feminine with what is supposed to be masculine, fragility and strength, sensuality and violence, glitter and crude …
Destroy, recycle to Reconstruct a Woman who has the choice in relation to her body, the choice in relation to her professional life, the choice in relation to her abilities, the choice in relation to motherhood … Having the choice without the weight of judgment… To have the choice without limitations… And Anything can be possible

Karen Torres

Mexican artist based in Barcelona

Her pieces are a claim for visibility of one of Mexico’s worst tragedies, the disappearance of thousands of people every year. “Erika” is the name of the project that involves four projections. Three of them using parts of a Spark Chevrolet car, (model 2010). The videos tell the painful and endless story about the relatives of the victim. Erika has been missing for 6 years, she left driving to her destination and never arrived. Four days later the last thing that was learned about her was her Spark car painted white and abandoned. Violence afterlives is the thread tying both videos together.

Logan B Fields (b. 1996 USA)

“i am an ordinary worker, a generalist…” reads Fields’s ‘diary entries whilst traveling by coach’.
The more abstract categorization of her work includes: perpetually displaced poetry; alterity craft; gesture art; interstitial inquiry. Fields herself simply calls it ‘play’. A belief in the recursive reductively of analytical interference, as pertains art in practice, is central to her capacity for action – often irrespective of format or consequence. The conscious choice of abandoning this state of interference is superseded by a convergence of act and intuition. As she explains in ‘diary entries…’, “i play with tangible medium to make manifest physical forms. this produces ideas that elude transcription.”
In creating this cyclical game for herself, she is able to address ontological inquiry, the banality of quotidian routine, and the sustaining chords that linger in the chasm between the two.

Ginevra Bertazzoli

Italian artist, currently living between Milan and Barcelona.

My research and artistic expression revolve around the understanding of elements, sensations and emotions that I find in the external world and within me.

This work is the result, in continuous evolution, of a year of research, on the understanding and construction of a space that would identify my inner landscape: the union of body and mind and their responses to the sensory stimuli of the chaotic and noisy, but rich in experience, outside world.