Exhibition at MUTUO with students at Metàfora Studio Programs, curated by Piotr Perski

“Our lives today can be said to be increasingly dominated by transitory spaces. Spaces we pass through fleetingly, without dwelling for an extended period of time. Spaces where we remain anonymous. The spaces in-between worlds. Cyber spaces. Metaphysical spaces which question the gulf between fantasy and reality. A past which intrudes our present; the spectral space of memories.

Sometimes these spaces are chaotic; airports, metros, gas stations.. Places of transience; they might exist where we begin a journey or where it ends. The spaces where different lives collide and where we might be confronted with a continuous observation of the journeys and lives of others.

This exhibition brings together a group of international emerging artists using an array of different media to investigate this topic. ‘Passage across no-spaces’ invites the public into the gallery – a temporal zone for art in itself – to explore these different, liminal worlds.”

The exhibition will run from 29.10.2018 – 10.11.2018