Susanna Corchia: cultural agent and external tutor at Metàfora

Metàfora is a small and independent art institution, which means that we cannot offer the academic facilities of most universities. However, we try to provide our students with things they will not learn at university: How to “break through” the barrier and enter the artworld with a voice and an opportunity to be seen.

Every year during the autumn semester, we look for adequate external tutors for our 3rd year students to work with during the last months of their stay. The external tutor is most often an artist, a gallerist or a cultural agent, and the idea is always to choose someone who shares ideas and interests with the student and who can help them network and open doors in the artworld.

In the case of Melle

Susanna Corchia, director of Barcelona Gallery Weekend

Susanna Corchia (Naples, 1978) trained as a Film and Theater Historian at the University of Bologna in Italy and at the Université Paris 8 in France.

She began her career in the world of visual arts in the archive of the Magnum Paris journalistic photo agency and between 2002 and 2007 she was responsible and coordinator of the programming of the Future Film Festival audiovisual festival in Bologna, Italy. In 2007 he moved to Barcelona where he has been gallery manager of ADN Galería until 2016.

Since 2017 she has been the director of the annual Barcelona Gallery Weekend event and collaborates autonomously in other international cultural projects, among the most recent the Unlearning Barcelona festival promoted by the Italian Institute of Culture that took place in November 2018. She is an art consultant of artists and occasionally teaches about gallery and art market.

How has the tutoring experience been? Have you turored aspiring artist before?

I have been tutoring mid-career and emerging artists before. The experience of tutoring it’s always enriching for both parts, and in the specific case of Melle it has been especially engaging from an emotional point of view, because of her subtle work with human feelings and soul.

Tutoring aspiring artists is delicate because you have to push them to recognize their voice and create a discourse, but at the same time without being too invasive. First of all, a deep understanding of the investigation is needed and then you make many questions about everything, technique, medium, sizes, etc. Only questioning their work they will find the answers.

We always like to look for an adequate external tutor for each student, someone who shares interest in the investigation of the student. How – if t all – does Melle’s work relate your professional experience?

working nine years as manager in a gallery focused on socio-political art, so I found Melle’s work interesting with regard to her look at transgender culture and the way society perceive it.

Netai Halup, artist and founder of “Pujós Studios”

Uxval Gochez in the gallery with artist Antoni Ortega

Where – and doing what – do you envision Melle in the future?

Haha, it’s difficult to say! I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think Melle’s work will improve her spiritual angle, leaving in a second plan the activist aspect. She could perfectly fuse her art practice with healing and therapy, which I think is what she likes most.

We always like to look for an adequate external tutor for each student, someone who shares interest in his/her investigation. How does Netai’s work relate your professional experience?

Working with Netai was incredibly interesting because there is potential for us to continue our involvement in the professional ground.
Our approach to this tutoring experience was from the beginning an exercise of the relation between an artist and a gallerist with the advantages for him to be able to go back and forth with materials and with a very clear idea of what I would need to see (or someone in my position) in order to consider him and his production for show in a gallery like the one I run.

Opening at Arte Aurora gallery

Where – and doing what – do you envision Netai in the future?

Netai has all he needs to be a great artist, if he stays focused, works hard and right we will be seeing him wanted by very interesting curators and collections. Is still a long road to travel but he is very hard working so he is got a bigger chance.

“Inspiration exists but it has to find you working. -Pablo Picasso