Art School in Barcelona?

(Short term stay)
7th of January  to 15th of February 2019

A Short Term stay on Metàfora’s Studio Arts Programs is the ideal way of joining the program for those who cannot make a long term commitment. Because the stay is less than 3 months students from outside the EU can join on a tourist visa, saving time and effort on boresome paperwork.

Students join the program on the level they are on (beginners, intermediate, advanced) and can participate in all classes and activities along side long term students.

The studio block which commences on January 7th holds three parallel work titles (see below). Students work along the general guidelines of the theme: from the Input Day on the first day of classes to the a 2-3 day “crit” at the end of the block, where all students show their work to the rest of the group.

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Who is the “I”? (Foundation Program)

7th of January to 15th of February 2019

“….The modern artist is working with space and time, and expressing his feelings rather than illustrating.
Jackson Pollock …”

The crisis of the concept of the “Subject” is crucial to understand Twentieth Century postwar culture.

Students on the Foundation Program come to Metàfora with curiosity and questions. Identity is often one of the central concerns in their art practice. This studio block is dedicated to exploring notions of the “I” and how identity has been represented throughout the 20th and 21st century.

The Asymmetric Gaze (Training Program 1)

7th of January to 15th of February 2019

“….The range of meaning of the verb “to see” is so vast that a typical thesaurus contains a list of fifty-odd synonyms, among them “to look, glimpse, eye, notice, stare, etc.”
Jennifer Reinhardt …”

What are you talking about when we talk about gaze? To gaze is to look steadily and intently at something or someone. Who is being looked and who looks?

Students on the first year of the Training Program work with gender and identity throughout the first block of 2019. Placing post-feminism and queer theory in the center of the debate awakes issues of self-definition and alters the perspective on others.

Criticality, Situated Knowledge (Training Program 2-3)

7th of January to 15th of February 2019

“… The alternative to relativism is partial, locatable, critical knowledges sustaining the possibility of webs of connections called solidarity in politics and shared conversations in epistemology.

Donna Haraway…”

Students on the 2nd and 3rd year work independently and are each concentrated on their personal discourse and praxis. Metàfora’s In-House-Tutors and a set of external tutors (artists, curators, gallery owners and other cultural agents) help to propel them forward in the art world.