Art School in Barcelona?

(Short term stay)
18th of February to 5th of April 2019

A Short Term stay on Metàfora’s Studio Arts Programs is the ideal way of joining the program for those who cannot make a long term commitment. Because the stay is less than 3 months students from outside the EU can join on a tourist visa, saving time and effort on boresome paperwork.

Students join the program on the level they are on (beginners, intermediate, advanced) and can participate in all classes and activities along side long term students.

The studio block which commences on 18th of February holds three parallel work titles (see below). Students work along the general guidelines of the theme: from the Input Day on the first day of classes to the a 2-3 day “crit” at the end of the block, where all students show their work to the rest of the group.

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The Trivial and the Meaningful (Foundation Program)

18th of February to 5th of April 2019

“….The modern artist is working with space and time, and expressing his feelings rather than illustrating.
Jackson Pollock …”

The debate around High-Low in the 1960’s is very valid today and is present as an underlying buzz in most art produced today.

In an age of digital accomplishment and constant connectivity, we pursue an understanding in the student group of how such influences from early pop culture can be traced in almost everything we see.

Domesticity – Public and Private Space (Training Program 1)

18th of February to 5th of April 2019

“….The range of meaning of the verb “to see” is so vast that a typical thesaurus contains a list of fifty-odd synonyms, among them “to look, glimpse, eye, notice, stare, etc.”
Jennifer Reinhardt …”

The Private and the Public has been treated extensively in contemporary art over the past decades. The debate around it touches on issues of sex and gender, but also on institutional critique, site specificity and locational identity.

Optopia: the Future of the image (Training Program 2-3)

18th of February to 5th of April 2019

To frame is to take responsibility, that is, to decide what to include or to exclude, to point towards something or to cut it off. As artists we are constantly confronted to a conquenation of choices which require a political stance. Contemporary photography and moving image are mediums that explore matters of framing and rhythm, but also hybrid proposals which also include installation, performance and sculpture face similar choices. Artists and thinkers such as Hito Steyerl or Boris Groys will be a starting point to think towards our responsibility in our making-processes.