The making of
“Acacia Street, 8”

Exporing the essence of Xiayu Zhang’s latest artwork.

In her latest artwork, “Acacia Street, 8”, 3rd year student Xiayu takes us on a journey through tree interconnected pieces. All created around her parents’ suburan home in Barcelona, Spain. This unique setting serves as a canvas and inspiration for her work.

Finding inspiration in everyday life

Xiayu draws deeply from her personal experience and daily life. When we asked about her sources of inspiration, she emphasizes that they are rooted in her own life stories.

She finds it challenging to pinpoint exactly what she hopes viewers will feel or experience when looking at her artwork, suggesting that it varies based on individual perspectives.
“It depends on how we postion ourselves; we can see different things”, she explains.

A unique relationship with materials

Xiayu approach to creating “Acacia Street, 8” didn’t involve any specific techniques, but she emphasizes the importance of building an relationship with her materials.

For this artwork, she used printed photographs, sandpaper, wood dust past, concealment mesh and sticks from the trees in het parents’ garden. Each material holds a personal connection and significance, enhancing the dept of her work.

Evolving artistic process

Compared to her previous works, “Acacia street, 8” marks a significant evolution in Xiayu’s creative process. She explored the integration of titels and statements as part of the storytelling, allowing each piece to grow and overlap organically. “It’s hard to separate them or put then in an order”, she reflects.

The importance of audience engagement and feedback

Presenting her work to an audience and receiving feedback is vital for Xiayu. She values the opportunity the share her voice and find common ground with viewers.

Feedback, she notes, provides fresh perspectives and helps her see her work through different eyes, enriching her creative process.