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Foundation Program, Short Term Stays

5th of September to 21st of October 2016

The Babel Tower, Culture and Prejudice

Most often the Short Term Stay on Metàfora’s Foundation Program is intense and students sign up for all classes in order to benefit fully from the experience. Students on this level are often interested in trying new materials and techniques and enjoy a maximum of technical instructions from tutors and technicians.

The Theme-based Projects are designed to help each student get started, and are especially helpful for Short term students, who need to “hit the ground running” and get working from day one.

5th of September to 21st of October 2016
The Babel Tower, Culture and Prejudice
The Babel Tower is a story from the Old Testament. We use it to make our students think of issues of cultural identity, communication and language.

The first theme-based project of the academic year offers an exciting possibility for all students to reflect on their own identity, as individuals in the midst of a group of people from different countries and cultures. We embrace the multi-ethnicity of the course and start experimenting in the studios from the very first day.

Recent Art History classes and seminars cover a large time-span from Colonialism to Postmodernism: the identity of the artist – the idea of the genius, high Modernism: “Freedom of expression”, the spiritual connotation in Pollock, Rothko. The 1970’s: counterculture and institutional critique: Feminism, Gay-Lesbian art, Civil Rights.


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Training Program, Short Term Stay

5th of September to 21st of October 2016

Form and Medium: understanding the many possibilities of formats and tools in contemporary art

Short Term students with intermediate or advanced level often come to Metàfora in search of an Artist-in-Residence experience, where it is possible to dedicate long studio hours to an individual art-project in new and stimulating surroundings. We offer a dynamic environment with an international peer-group of dedicated aspiring artists. Apart from individual research and tutorials, a Short Term Stay on the Training program offers weekly lectures, intense debates and space for reflection on the personal practice of each student.
Depending on the previous experience and level, Short Term students are admitted to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of the Training Program.

5th of September to 21st of October 2016
Form and Medium: understanding the many possibilities of
formats and tools in contemporary art

This Axis of the Training Program focuses on the many possibilities of the materialization of art in different formats. The first steps of making ideas visible is primordial in all artistic practice. Understanding the diversity of formats that are available to the artist today is crucial in order to make decisions in our artistic process. Investigating how sculpture, performance, digital-art, drawing, painting, process art and social practices are all part of the spectrum of today’s art-world will be part of this studio block. We will inquire how artist have dealt with this process in the past and how the limits between disciplines have been re-invented and questioned.


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The life of Drawing…

…always look on the bright side of life (cue Monty Python whistling) .  Mètafora offers a variety of skill based classes on the International Workshop, everything from videoMetafora, Art School, Barcelona editing, to site specific workshops, allowing students to develop techniques in a wide range of mediums.

Life drawing class with PiotrThat said, there is something vital about the “life drawing class” that keeps students returning week after week.

Of course having a life model present, creates a very particular kind of focus that invites the artist to make the most of the two hour class, however,  there is also something unique about about getting back to the basics of using pencil and paper which can connect the student to their own creative process.

In his most recent class, Piotr Perski encouraged his students to obtain a new perspective by drawing from the ground, without easels using their preferred medium.

Life drawing class with PiotrIt is as if time takes on a different dimension during these classes since students can become so absorbed with the subject and their own drawings that two hours can sometimes feel like twenty minutes!